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  • Help save our planet

    Reduce waste and choose second-hand.

  • Save money

    Quality brands with a small price tag.

  • Support local

    Support an Aussie, mum-run business.

Trade in your items

If you're finding yourself overrun with clothing and other baby items you just need out of your life, you've come to the right place!

Find out how you can trade in your pre-loved items for store credit.

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Choose second-hand, first

There's much to love about buying a pre-loved item. From the price, to the quality, to saving something from landfill, to finding that one-off, it's an exciting and sustainable way to shop.

All items sold by Recyclababy are second-hand and ready to be worn again. Everything you see here will be in great condition, and rather than it going in to landfill, we encourage you to love it again. Because at Recyclababy, we think choosing second-hand is the perfect first choice.

Happy shopping!

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